Recent testimonials

“Clare has been a very good tutor for my son, year 11. Unfortunately, the virus situation cut short our work together. Clare is patient and adaptable. English isn’t my son’s favourite subject so Clare adapted the plan to suit his needs and willingness! Clare has very good insight into what the papers are asking of the candidate. Thank you Clare – very happy to recommend you.”
Tracey G (2020)

“My daughter Astrid grades improved heavily whilst working with Clare, she felt much more confident in her English language and literature, and Clare could answer questions in a different way to her school teacher. Clare is an experienced, friendly and helpful tutor who we do not hesitate to recommend.”

Dawn N (2020)

“Clare is a very patient and thorough teacher and has enabled my son’s confidence to grow and develop with his English skills. Due to corona virus the teaching unfortunately had to come to an end. If my son does not pass this summer then we will be one of the first to recommence his tuition. Clare was highly recommended to me by a friend and I am very thankful for this. I highly recommend her too.”
Rita W (2020)

“We are so pleased that Louis chose to come to you as we know his grades improved with your support to the dizzy heights of a level 9”
Bernice (2018)

“Thank you very much for your help these past 2 years. I know I would definitely not have got a 9 and 7 if it wasn’t for your help and guidance”
Apthi (2018)

“Without your excellent teaching, help and support my daughter would not have been able to achieve her GCSE results.”
Surendra (2018)

“Thank you so much for your guidance and support over the year, as it has been fantastic and Lorien’s ability to understand the topic has hugely improved.”
Gee (2018)

“I know that you will be delighted to hear that Elisha got a level 5 in both her language and literature papers. We are all absolutely thrilled and so proud of her. She told me last night that you told her at the end of her last session that she could do it and she did!”
Helen (2017)

“Ruth had some great results. In English Lit she achieved a 7 and English Lang a 6 so a really great effort.
Thanks for your help, guidance and support during the year, we are extremely grateful.”
Chris (2017)

“Liam got his C so he is delighted, as am I! Please let me take this opportunity to thank you once again for your help and encouragement. Best news ever.”
Maryanne (2017)

“Phoebe achieved a grade C – not the B that we had hoped for but a huge improvement on the original exam. Many thanks for your input!!”
Lisa (2017)

“hence got his result few days ago , and finally he passed his exam with a C grade. Thank you very much Clare for your help.”
Florence (2017)

“I just wanted to let you know that I got a 9 in my English language and an 8 in my English literature which I’m really happy with! Thank you so much for tutoring me ” (Lit mark later raised to Level 9)
Abi (2016)

“We were very pleased with Daniel’s results. He got 5Bs and 5C including B for English lit and a C for Eng language.”
Lynda (2016)

“I got an A so I’m really really happy! Thank you so much for all of your help I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!”
Phoebe (2015)

“We are very pleased with Lucy’s results. She got an A English Language and a B in Literature. Thank you for your coaching which, as well as helping her with the exams, built her confidence.”
James & Judith (2015)

“Will said Thank you…. as he is firmly of the opinion he would not have passed without you. He achieved a C in both Lit and Language which we are all pleased and relieved about!!! Thank you for all your help, you made a difference.”
Sioban (2015)

“Thank you so much for tutoring me in English last year. I thought I should let you know my English results. I got an A in English language and a B in English literature which I am very happy with.”
Harry (2015)

“Tristan did well with his GCSEs and was very pleased with his results. In English he got an A in both his Literature and Language papers! We were absolutely thrilled with this! Thank you so much again for all of your help. We really appreciate what you did for him in his last few weeks.”
David (August 2015)

“Fyn gained a B in English Language and an A in English Literature. Your tutoring paid off. Many thanks.”
Steve (2015)

“I got an A in English which I’m really pleased with. Just want to say thank you so much for all your help – I couldn’t have done it without you..”
Cassie (2015)

“I’m sure you will be as delighted as we are that that elusive B in (A Level) English Lit was nailed – no small thanks to your steer, patience, advice and guidance. There is a tremendous value in extra confidence building in subjects needing some help and Hannah really benefitted from working with you this year. On a personal level I would like to thank you for helping Hannah along the path to her goal, something I hadn’t the skills and knowledge to provide but knew she needed a lift in confidence to achieve. Thank you for being that lift.. It has made a huge difference to her aspirations, both before the exams, and towards her degree path. Thanks.”
Clare F ( 2015)

“I am so pleased to tell you that Charles got a B for English. Thanks again for all your hard work and for taking your time to understand Charles.”
Suzanne (2015)

Older Comments

  • We just wanted to say thank you re tutoring Ben with his English language GCSE. He obtained a B and we believe that this was all down to your work and assistance with him. We are thrilled with his results. Your help was brilliant and I certainly think made him truly think that he COULD do it rather than the attitude at school! Julia (2014)
  • Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for helping Henry with his English. He went into the exam much more confident and prepared as a result. He used the strategies you gave him for every question today. He has just come home and looked happy that it went well, so fingers crossed. Carina (2014)
  • Thank you for everything you have done for Anna. She is very grateful as she feels you have helped her so much with her English. Anna is going to her new school well equipped to succeed in English now. Susan (2014)
  • I just wanted to say a really massive thank you to you for all of your help. I went from hating English to actually enjoying it and that wouldn’t have happened without you. Rom (2014)
  • Thank you very much for supporting Matt through this Exam period. He has enjoyed his lessons with you. We really appreciate you helping Matt focus and the bonus of his enjoying your choice of articles. Mandy (2014)
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to teach Kayleigh. It has helped her a lot to have the consistency after all the upheaval with not having teachers etc. Adriana (2014)
  • Wish Annabel could take you into the exam with her! But we both feel so much more confident after all your fab lessons! Sue (2014)
  • Flo is finding your lessons hugely helpful. She’s struggling with her course work essay without having a teacher to discuss it with who understands the text & your support is really helping her formulate her thoughts! Susanna (2014)
  • Ben said that the lesson was very useful. Although as a typical teenager his conversation about it was quite limited and not in any detail! Thank you for agreeing to tutor Ben at such short notice. It is very much appreciated. Sharon (2014)
  • You have been a great help to James, giving him all kinds of insights and willing to adapt lessons at short notice to his requirements as well as giving him sound learning. Anna (2014
  • I’m very pleased to say Sam got Bs in his English and everything else he needed. Thank you for your help I’m sure it made the difference. Rich (2013)
  • Giles got an A in English Literature and a B in Language so we’re very happy. Many thanks for the help you gave him. Jane (2013)
  • Ollie in the end achieved a B in English lit and a C in English language. Thank you, as I know it couldn’t have been easy dragging a sentence out of him! Helen (2013)
  • Thank you very much for taking on Henry for the last few months. He says that he is sorry not to be continuing with you and that you are a very good teacher – unprecedented praise from him! Dorothy (2012)
  • Thank you for getting me through these past months with English. All the work we have done together has really helped and I don’t reckon I would have done as well if you didn’t help me. Matt (2012)
  • Clare has been extremely helpful with developing Sam’s skills and confidence. His results are not only improving in English but her work has had a beneficial knock on effect on his other A Level exams. Her warm and encouraging technique has borne fruit and I would thoroughly recommend her. Nigel (2012)
  • I am very pleased to say that Danielle achieved a C in English. We are very proud of her and she is very pleased with herself as the school only predicted E/D. So many thanks for all your help with English, it obviously did the trick. Jo (2011)
  • Clare’s teaching is inspirational, and I would recommend her highly. Jordan (20
  • I improved my grade from E to C in 2 years. I believe that without professional support from Clare I could hardly get to a D grade. I like the way we communicate to each other, and I absolutely enjoyed to work with Clare. It was great fun! Sam (2011)