English tutoring is available either face-to-face or online

English tutoring from Key Stage 3 to A level

Tuition is not the same as classroom teaching. It provides the space for students to spread their wings and try new approaches without fear of failure. I also believe the more laughter and fun, the more learning takes place. My students are often surprised to find themselves enjoying english lessons, rather than dreading them.

Key Stage 3

  • Help with schoolwork from Year 8/9, including help with Common Entrance exams at 13 and the 13+ exam (English)
  • Confidence and skill building in year 9 in preparation for starting English GCSE courses in Year 10.


  • AQA – other boards considered
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • English


  • All Boards
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • English Language and Literature combined courses

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Please note, at present we are only able to offer tution online.

English tuition online

We’re now offering students the capability to be in their preferred environment whilst they are tutored.

Tuition face to face

You can visit us at our quiet learning environment in Stratford sub castle in Salisbury.

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