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Help with Schoolwork

Sometimes children find it difficult to ask for help at school, and can fall behind if they don’t. This can affect their confidence, so they stop trying. One to one English tutoring can help them get back on track.

Home Schooling

Many parents choose to home-school their children. I offer English tutoring lessons during the day, both face to face and online, for home-schooled children who are taking GCSE English exams independently.

Illness / Absence

If children miss a large amount of school, it can be a daunting prospect for them to catch up. Teachers may not have the time to coach students individually and explain all the missed work, and parents may not have the skills or knowledge to help their own children. One-to-one English tutoring from a qualified English Tutor can help them to focus on exactly what they need to do and enable them to make up for lost time.

High Flyers

Not all students I see are struggling – some are heading for top grades. I can ensure GCSE students go into the exam prepared to achieve what they deserve and even stretch their skills in preparation for English A Level.
A Level students may find it difficult to adjust to the more demanding requirements of an A Level syllabus. I can get them off to a flying start and help them make the most of their course. I can also help A Level English students prepare for coursework assignments and exams to achieve success.

Confidence Building

My English tutoring brings student and teacher together in a completely different way from a school classroom. It allows students to ask all the questions they want and move forward at their own pace. It helps them to build up confidence and often to start enjoying their school English lessons for the first time as they develop and practice their skills. As their grades improve they will be able to take pride in their achievement and focus more in lessons.

Exam revision

As an experienced and successful examiner I have first-hand knowledge of the exam system, so can help students to clarify and focus on exactly what they need to do to get the best grades. I can work with students to practice exam techniques and give them tips to help them plan their work effectively when under time pressure in exams so that they get the best grade they can.

Clare and the English Tutoring Room